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  • Welcome to the Jane Photo blog!

    Welcome to the Jane Photo blog!

    "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

    Photo of Jane by Joy Masuhara, Paris, summer, 2010

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    We are thrilled to be switching over to a new blogsite. This means that this blog will be the new Jane Photo home! While it is in-progess, please feel free to search, above, under such terms as newborns, babies, studio, lifestyle etc.

Jane Photo is taking a sabbatical!

Thank you all for your continued support during all these fab years of business! What a whirlwind it has been, and I have loved meeting and cuddling all your babies and kids through the years. Such fun to watch them grow and celebrate their milestones with photographic art.

Please check back often for our re-opening…

A brilliant, lovely family | Whistler newborn photography

Such a crazy fall. Something always has to fall by the wayside in the busy season, and this year, like most, it’s the blog! I haven’t had a minute even to rebuild and rebrand it as the new Jane Photo, but I am hopeful that by January 1 everything will be retooled for the new year with a fab new focus on digital collections! To those I’ve promised blog entries, I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to get to them yet. Hopefully I’m getting caught up on sessions, though, and orders for the holidays!

And meantime, thanks to all you wonderful families who supported the biz this year and made it the success it is…such an honour working with you all.

This lil’ tyke has the sweetest darn family, I swear, the loveliest parents and the loveliest big sisters who were just meeting him for the very first tme at our photo session! They were sooo good with him. He was just four days old, and only contented wrapped up tight…too adorable for words. I put him in the cool new sweater I had just finished knitting, but it was a bit small for him at over 8 pounds. Otherwise, he just loved all the soft warmth.

Alisa - Wow – that is so wonderful that you photographed the girls meeting their brother for the first time! These are images the family will love forever. That baby in the basket is too cute for words!

Inna - What a fun session! Gorgeous kids!

Lisa Little - Sweet images! Gorgeous family shots and I love the location!

Tamra Hyde - What a sweet little family! Your closeups of the girls are lovely!

Leanne - What stunning images of a gorgeous family. I love the way you use light to accentuate our clients best features. I also love the Christmas styling with the red of the blanket and the green of the environment.

Amy G. - These are just beautiful! Love the connections and what gorgeous kids!

Susie L - Beautiful shots Jane! Love the sibling shots and the baby in the basket – that is precious!

rose - Awww…these are wonderful! What a gorgeous little baby, and those girls – they are so beautiful!!

Kelli - These are all fabulous – I can’t even choose a favorite. What a gorgeous family!

anette - Oh, what a beautiful session!! I love to see newborn sessions outdoors and these are so dreamy. Just perfect for a newborn session. The older girls are so much fun too. I tried to get my little one to throw up harts this spring, but they didn’t turn out as I had envisioned…these are inspiring me to try again:) I love these!!

Amanda Radovic - aaaw…how special to be able to capture the big sisters meeting their baby brother! That’s wonderful.
Beautiful session :-)

Lynda Coulson - Beautiful, love the connections and your use of light is perfection!

sophie crew - These are all so precious! Love the interaction between sisters. Great shots!

Katherine - What a beautiful new family! These are lovely!

rebekah - beautiful images! the heart shots are sooooo fun!

Shamima Sultana - Very loving family….the kids are very adorable..really enjoyed the photos.

Angela - I LOVE the fun feel of these and the heart props were totally cute!

Salina J - What a gorgeous family! Love the images, they’re playful and sweet.

Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer} - Lovely photographs! love the one of the girls throwing the hearts!

Ruth Silver — Chicago Wedding Photographer - Cute family! Great pictures.

Adorable Mr J at 7 months | Surrey baby photographer

Here is sweet Mr J at 7 months. I photographed him as a newborn, when he was uncommonly lovely, and he is still an amazingly gorgeous boy. He has awesome doggies at home, and he also has awesome parents.

His mommy shares these words:

Your gorgeous little guy has been growing like spit. How much does he weigh now at 7 months?

22 lbs – yes that is a lot, but he is also quite tall at 28.75”. In terms of weight and height, he is in the 93rd and 94th percentile respectively

Your family was able to visit from overseas. How was it for them meeting their grandson for the first time? Tell us about their visit.

They were absolutely delighted to finally meet Mr. J and could not believe that I was able to hand him to them to hold him at the airport and he did not cry but gave them a great big smile. They did not want to let go of him! We totally enjoyed their visit, especially Mr. J who got to spend so much time in his Opa’s arms, listening to him telling him all about the birds, flowers, etc., going for long walks with my parents and getting lots of cuddles from Oma. My parents and us could not believe how much Mr. J had grown in the 7 weeks they were here. They were happy to have been around when he learned to crawl, eat solids, pull himself up to stand and cut his first two teeth. It is amazing how quickly they develop! It was wonderful for us as well, because we got spoiled as well with wonderful cooking, help with chores around the house and great company. It is always great to have helping hands when you have a little one around, and it was difficult to have them leave again. We are looking forward to their next visit already!

Can you tell us a few of Mr J’s favourite things?

Mr. J loves his stuffed Bernese Mountain Dog and his two real Bernese Mountain Dog friends and playing peek-a-boo. He likes to constantly be on the move and enjoys listening to his mom sing to him. Mr. J also likes to cuddle a lot with his mom and dad! He also likes to eat solids, and sometimes also likes to wear the food. Bath time is one of his favourite things as is an important part of his bedtime routine. Skip a bath and it is tough to get him to sleep!!

How has it been for you and your hubby as new parents? Are their any joys or challenges you’d like to share?

It has been absolutely great and enjoyable – better than we ever imagined. Some sleepless nights, when the teeth are cutting through have been a challenge, but thankfully it did not last too long. The nice moments definitely make up for the hard times. Especially when he lies in bed besides me and then turns to me, puts my face in his hands and plants a great big kiss on my cheek! Or when we play peek-a-boo and he giggles so loud and hard that he almost chokes on his own saliva – just priceless moments!

What are your hopes and wishes for Mr J over the next, say, two years?

That he continues to grow and thrive like he is doing right now, as well as that he stays as healthy and happy go lucky as he is.

Do you have any advice for other moms of little boys?

Enjoy them as much as you can – the hugs, the cuddles, the kisses, the laughs and giggles. I am sure when they are older there will come a time when they don’t want to be seen cuddling with mom anymore!

And make sure to cover them when changing their diapers to avoid a surprise shower;-)

Kristi Mangan - These are all so sweet…but I really LOVE the typewriter shot & the reflection shot! You got such a great variety of such a sweet little guy!

rose - What a cutie pie! That image with the typewriter is priceless!!

Lina - Oh my goodness, he is just so delish :) Those are absolutely dreamy, gorgeous captures!

Stephanie - What a cutie! The one where he was falling over made me want to reach out and try to catch him!

CJ Wilkes - These are ADORABLE!

Amy G. - What an adorable little guy and love those eyes! Love the up close shot – great work!

Amber - What a DOLL!! The mirrored image is my favorite…something about his curious little face! I absolutely love the variety you get in your sessions. Your clients are truly lucky!

Susie L - Oh my goodness Jane! I love every single one – I don’t know how this mom is going to choose! I think the typewriter and mirror are my favorites! Fantastic work!

rebekah - I have a 7 month old fella, too! This little man is adorable! Love them all!

Rosalind - I feel like I know him from these pictures – there’s such a variety of expressions. The close-up shot and the mirror photo in particular are stunning.

Christy Johnson - Oh, what a sweetheart! I love the typewriter shot and the close-up. His eyes are beautiful!

Amanda - Oh my word! These are just as sweet as can be. I adore the first one so much.

Zaida - Wow, just wow! These are wonderful. Love the pumpkin shot!

Little sweetness | Vancouver newborn photography

This lil’ darlin’ came to see us at three weeks…a little bit on the senior side for newborn images, but such an adorable little pumpkin. I just lost my heart to him and to his beautiful big bro, too!

Kristie Chadwick - Just adorable, each one.

Susie L - Beautiful images Jane – love that last one!

sophie crew - Aww what a sweet little one! Love how peaceful he looks!

Robbie - Oh goodness he is so sweet! Love that little squishy-face! Great job!

Amanda Radovic - so sweet, love the hat!

Ruth Silver — Chicago Wedding Photographer - Absolutely beautiful newborn photographs. I love your work and the bright vivid colors. Gorgeous!

Sigh…newborn goodness | Langley newborn photographer

Say hello to the brilliant Mr M, my sweetie-pie nephew, who made his way into our world in early September while Joy and I paced like anxious dads in the waiting room. We got to chat with the most awesome 12-year-old, Amanda, who wants to be a writer when she grows up, and she really helped us pass those wee hours (and Amanda, I hope your mom and the baby are doing well). When we went in to greet little Mr M after he was born, our hearts just swelled with love and pride. Way to go, J and R! It was a hard delivery, but my sister-in-law was really amazing through it all. We took my father-in-law, 88, back out to meet him a couple days later when the new family was safely home, and at dinner afterwards, Dad was heard to exclaim that little M was very good looking. Not just regular good looking, but special good looking! Joy and I totally agree. He is the first grandson on both sides of the family (though Joy’s dad has five grown granddaughters).

Here are some words from the brand new mama:

Your new son arrived a little late…what were your thoughts and hopes as you waited to go into labour?

We were getting anxious to meet our baby and hoping that everything was ok. We were booked to be induced on Sept 2nd and sure enough I went into labour the night before and he came on his own time on Sept 2nd.

Were you working right up until the end?

Yes, I actually worked past my due date. I always felt, right from the beginning, that he would be late.

How did you know you were in labour?

I was feeling a little unsettled when I went to bed that night and by 1 a.m. mild contractions started. I walked and walked all through the night to keep things progressing (I did not want to be induced).

Did you have a natural birth?

Yes, we were very happy that everything went ok and we had a natural birth. It was long and painful but knowing that we would soon have a baby kept us both going.

How long was your labour? When did you go home?

My labour was about 22 hours from start to finish. Since he was born at 11:29pm Thursday, they kept us in until Saturday afternoon.

How was the first week at home with little Mr M?

It was crazy, we were both going constantly and there was so much to do for this new little person.

Were you surprised by anything in the experience of new parenting?

I would say that we were unprepared for how demanding it really is and how tired we would be.

Is there a time you watch your hubs with his son that just melt you completely?

It is so cute when they are hanging out and watching sports together… baby is feeding and hubby is watching sports.

What is your favourite thing, so far, about being a mom?

Having this little person depend on you for everything and watching them change and develop every day.

Is there anything you’re finding challening about being a mom?

Lack of sleep!

Is little Mr M keeping you up at night?

Oh, yes.

Do you have any advise for other pregnant moms about to be in your shoes?

Relax and don’t be too hard on yourself.

What do you wish for Mr M as he grows?

We want him to be happy and to enjoy whatever he does.

Lila - Ohhh, Jane!! They are all adorable but that first is just unbelievable! Such marvelous images – just lovely!

Holly - So sweet! LOVE the one of him in the nest!

Beira - love the ones with the parents-so sweet! The expression you captured in the third one is priceless.

tina stinson - so sweet! Love nest shot! They will love these.

Alisa - Beautiful! I am loving the one with the nest and bird! Very creative. Love the images with the parents as well ;)

Rhonda - oh goodness .. that first image is so sweet .. and i love the expression in #3 .. perfect! congrats on your new nephew .. he sure is adorable!

sarah - cutie.

Jennifer Lauren - These are beautiful! Love the ones with the parents, just precious!

jen priester - i just love that first one!! the hat is so cute with him being bundled up like that ♥

Desiree Hayes - Fantastic, Jane! What a cutie pie!

J’Lynn - So so cute!!!